Thursday, 30 September 2010

3. Library of Cool

I found these pieces of art in The Sunday Times supplement magazine. The collection is called the Paula Pictures by Hendrik  Kerstens. I got really drawn to the quirky head wear. I like the mixture of 17th century art with modern materials, plastic bags and bubble wrap. 

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

2. Library of Cool

This is my favourite image of all time a Chanel photo shoot by Peter Lindbergh in 1991. I love the contrast between the pastel full length skirts and black leather jackets and boots and chunky gold chains. 
Very stylish. 

1. Library of Cool

Over the summer as part of my summer project I have been creating a Library of Cool. It is a collection of things that I find interesting and inspiring from fashion designers to music. This is the opening page of my sketch book that got the ball rolling for my summer of being a magpie. 
I love this image that I found in Dazed and Confused, August 2010, Volume 88 as the image looks powerful due to the dramatic make up and contrasting volumous skirt and sharp metal fingers. 

I truly believe in the saying "Life's a Catwalk" and try my best to have fun with what I wear everyday. I saw this man walking down the street in Cardiff and found it so funny. This cool dude was strutting along the street with an umbrella hanging from the back of his collar. He brought practicality to the term 'Life's a Catwalk'

Roll on the Blogging

Yo yo everyone. This is the first ever post on my new blog called Dressed and Possessed. My name is Beci Pickford and I am currently studying Fashion Design at the University of Glamorgan. Hope you enjoy my blogging randomness!